Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Future Plans

What is my purpose?

    What is my purpose?  I would say that, like many others that have gone before me and many of my peers, my purpose and goal is to be successful.  To some, this may mean a lake side resort home with a pool and a jacuzzi, a butler, using hundred dollar bills as toilet paper, a vast collection of European sports cars, and a super model movie star for a wife.  If you had all of these things, you were probably successful at one point in your life.  But do you need to have these things in order to call yourself a successful person?
    What I consider to be successful is being good at something you enjoy doing.  If you enjoy working with animals and you are a good veterinarian, you are successful.  If you enjoy cleaning up trash and you are good at it, you are a successful janitor.  If you are good at playing video games and you enjoy playing them, you are also successful.  Being successful doesn’t go hand and hand with having lots of money.  Anybody can be successful as long as they work hard at what they do and have a strong sense of purpose toward their occupation.
    Again, my purpose in life is to be successful, but at what?  I have always loved being outside and spending time in nature.  I enjoy exploring different places and looking at new things.  My love for hunting and fishing would be a great asset to something in this career.  If I chose this route, I would like to become a wildlife biologist, or a game ranch specialist, or maybe even be a clothing tester for Cabelas.  That would be the life: wake up every morning and put on some brand new clothes and go out and do something I love.
    But not to make this decision too easy, I also have a strong passion toward landscaping.  I have been designing and building different landscapes for our home ever since we moved 5 or so years ago.  I have helped build 2 berms, planted numerous plants and trees, designed a huge flower bed, built a custom arbor, and designed and built our own backyard pond.  My love for the outdoors carries over here too because almost all of the work is done outside.  I loving starting with nothing and then ending up with a really cool project that everyone will be able to enjoy.  Something that relates to this that I would really like is landscape architecture.  Their job is to create landscapes--including patios and pool areas, as well as flowerbeds-- but also to build then mostly from scratch.  A lot of creativity and design goes into this style of job, and in the end it is so worth it.
    The last career field I have interest in is engineering.  It may sound a bit corny, but all those years of playing Legos have really drawn me to how things are made.  On top of many toy creations and numerous pictures cut out of magazines of things that would be awesome to build, I have also built a few things myself.  When we built our new house, when I was only in middle school, my mom and dad told me to follow around the contractor and learn something.  Of course, I mostly just listened and retrieved small hand tools, but the things that I learned from that experience have helped shape my mind to be able to solve building problems and see 3-D designs in my head.  Recently, my family built a barn in our back yard.  I have been a very instrumental part of getting it put up because I am constantly out there working and because I have a little back ground knowledge on what is going on.  I believe that I would enjoy being a engineer or a construction manager.
    It is safe to say that I have absolutely no set plans on where I am going with my life.  The positive side to that is that I am willing to let myself be drawn to something or allow myself to see one of these options as the answer right for me.  I do know that I have plans to go to college and get some form of a degree.  After that, I would like to move back to this area because it means so much to me!  I don’t know if I will be able to stand having four years of city life.  I guess I will just have to adjust myself.  I would like to meet a girl sometime in my college career and get married eventually.  But that is getting kinda mushy, so I think I’m going to wrap this up.  All I know for sure is that my purpose is to be successful and that means doing stuff I am good at but more importantly that I enjoy.  I think my decision will be made when the time is right but for now I am going to try to keep up with the high school life.